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The DNC's Climate Debate Is As Good As Dead

But all the leading presidential candidates support it.
Alex Lubben
climate change

The Democrats Are Kinda Sorta Thinking About Hosting a Climate Debate

DNC officials put two proposals on the table to bring the issue to the primary debate stage.
Alex Lubben
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"Inappropriate relationship" with Trump just cost Fox News a presidential debate, DNC says

Fox News won’t be hosting a debate among Democratic presidential candidates this election cycle.
Emma Ockerman

Russia is still trying to hack the DNC

"On November 14, 2018, dozens of DNC email addresses were targeted in a spear-phishing campaign."
David Gilbert
Internet Insecurity

The DNC False Alarm Hack Is Good Cybersecurity, Bad PR

The DNC thought it was getting hacked again, but it was just a false alarm set off by a security test. It's a sign that the organization is taking its cybersecurity seriously.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

The DNC promised $10M to rebuild state parties. It has not delivered.

Victories in Alabama and Virginia obscure neglected and broken-down state organizations across the country.
Alex Thompson
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A jailed Russian hacker claims he can prove he broke into the DNC server

He says he left a secret calling card inside the system.
Greg Walters
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UK Voters Rode the Bernie Sanders Wave of Electoral Disruption and Won

The Labour Party accomplished what Democrats in the US have not.
Nick Chedli Carter

The Democrats are falling apart on their “come together” tour

Alex Thompson
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How the Democratic Party Fails Long-Shot Candidates Like My Dad

As a surprisingly close election in Kansas showed, national Democrats don't support the party's candidates equally. I should know.
Drew Millard
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These Democrats are vying to lead the party — and its fight against Donald Trump

The next chair of the Democratic National Committee will be in charge of creating a presidential nominating process that Democrats can believe in after the bumpy 2016 primary. For the past few weeks, Democrats have held DNC Future Forums across the...
Evan McMorris-Santoro

The VICE Morning Bulletin

US officials suspect Vladimir Putin was directly involved in election meddling, 1 billion Yahoo accounts compromised by hack, Elon Musk joins Trump's corporate advisory team, and more.
VICE Staff