Democratic Socialists of America


The DSA Isn't 100 Percent Sure About Hopping on the Bernie Bus

Some Democratic Socialists of America wish their organization would sit this one out.
Eoin Higgins

Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism

Kristen R. Ghodsee, the author of "Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism," explains how socialism leads to economic independence, better work/life balance, and yes, better sex for women.
Zing Tsjeng

What's Next for the Democratic Socialists of America?

In elections, DSA is familiar with the question: "What happens if we lose?" Now its members are trying to answer a very different one: "What happens when we win?"
Marie Solis

Socialism Is Incredibly Popular but Does Anyone Know What 'Socialism' Is?

We asked a bunch of socialists what their vision of America would look like.
Geoff Dembicki
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Milo Yiannopoulos Scared to Death After Getting Called 'Nazi Scum' at NYC Bar

The failed author said he was afraid of being "hurt or killed" after running into some socialists in Manhattan.
Allie Conti

Bernie Sanders's Socialist Revolution Is Happening, Very Slowly

Last week more than a dozen socialists won office around the country after taking inspiration from the 76-year-old Vermont firebrand.
Eve Peyser
Democratic Socialists of America

The Democratic Socialists Are Here to Fix Your Brake Lights

The New Orleans DSA is putting their politics into sweet, sweet praxis.
Eve Peyser
Views My Own

Why I Became a Socialist

After Bernie lost and Trump won, I realized the Democrats weren't going to win my battles for me.
Rick Paulas