Trump Is Now Trolling Greenland With a Giant Gold Hotel

He shared a doctored photo of the picturesque island landscape marred by a huge Trump property.


Denmark to Trump: Seriously, Greenland Isn't for Sale

Trump didn't let the idea go over the weekend, calling it "a large real estate deal."


Trump Wants to Buy the Island of Greenland from Denmark. Denmark Says: “We’re Good”

“The thought of Denmark selling 50,000 citizens to the United States is completely ridiculous.”


These 54-Million-Year-Old Fly Eyes Are Preserved in Astounding Detail

The crane fly fossils upend theories about the structure of the most common visual organ in the animal kingdom.


Denmark’s Elections Show How Much Europe Is Normalizing Anti-Immigrant Politics

“If politics becomes a competition about who can talk the toughest about refugees and minorities, the radical right will always win”​


Women Are Covering Their Faces in Solidarity to Protest Denmark's Veil Ban

Muslim and non-Muslim activists alike met up to prepare for a demonstration against Denmark's new “burqa ban.”


Protesters are wearing face veils to demonstrate against Denmark’s new burqa ban

“My life is going to change very drastically. It means every time I leave my front door I’m actually a criminal."


Del The Funky Homosapien Discusses His Near-Fatal Fall and Painful Recovery

After fracturing seven ribs and puncturing a lung during a Gorillaz set earlier this month, the rapper talks to Noisey from a hotel room in Denmark.


We Asked a Hermit What to Eat When You Live in a Swamp Off the Grid

"I’ve learned a lot along the way. I have to have something to occupy my time, you know."


Those Brilliant Freaks Over at Noma Made a Shawarma Out of Celery Root

Because of course they fucking did.


Australian World Cup Fans Drank a Russian City Dry

Several bartenders in Kazan reported that their stocks were completely emptied by the end of their nights.


Wearing a burqa in public is now a crime in Denmark

Lawmakers were free to vote in accordance with their personal views, and 74 did not vote at all.