Denver Broncos


Man Scammed Woman for Over $100K Claiming to be NFL Player

James Otis Turner, 49, was initially arrested on sexual assault charges where the victim said he claimed to be a player for the Denver Broncos. Then his web of lies unraveled.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Could You do Better than Sergio Dipp Did on 'MNF' Last Night?

Sergio Dipp had a rough time in his 'Monday Night Football' debut, but was it really worse than what we usually get?
Sean Newell
jay cutler

Is This Jay Cutler's Ass?

We try to get to the, er, bottom of this mystery.
Sean Newell
john elway

Cab Driver Unwittingly Tells John Elway He's the Best QB of All Time

This cabbie was lucky enough to say John Elway was the best quarterback he's ever seen, and didn't even realize the man was in his cab.
Dave Brown

Broncos' Aqib Talib Snatches Michael Crabtree's Gold Chain, Coldly Laughs About It

There must have been some kind of premeditation, because Talib went straight for it, and had a good laugh about it on the bench.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Chiefs' 346-Pound Dontari Poe throws “Bloated Tebow” TD pass, Does What Refrigerator Perry Couldn't

"Three touches, three touchdowns," Poe said. "A hundred percent, baby."
Dave Brown

How the Backfield Blew Up the Broncos' Season

Gary Kubiak rushing offenses don't tend to stay bad this long, but the Denver offensive line hasn't been on the same page all season.
Rivers McCown
nfl playoff picture

​Life on the Edge: The NFL Playoff Picture after Week 14

It doesn't look like the Browns are going to make it this year.
Ty Schalter
brandon marshall

Broncos Investigating Supremely Racist Letter Sent to Brandon Marshall

An incredibly racist and unhinged person sent Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall an incredibly racist and unhinged letter.
Sean Newell
nfl playoff picture

​Life on the Edge: NFL Playoff Picture After Week 13

The NFL playoff picture slowly comes into focus.
Ty Schalter
brock osweiler

​The Clock Has Struck Midnight On Brock Osweiler

It's time for the Texans to admit the Brock Osweiler experiment has failed.
Rivers McCown

In Praise Of Marquette King, Oakland's Amazing Dancing Punter

Oakland Raiders punter Marquette King is good. More importantly, he is absolutely having a blast punting footballs for a living. How long until the NFL bans it?
David Roth