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I Was Raped at College. Here's How DeVos's New Rules Harm Survivors Like Me

On Friday, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos released her proposed changes to campus sexual misconduct rules, which will make it harder for students to receive an education and contend with trauma.
Sage Carson
Title IX

As Campus Sexual Assault Survivors, We Call on DeVos to Do Better

Two law students who survived campus sexual assault explain how Betsy DeVos and the Department of Education are poised to undermine Title IX.
Alyssa Leader
Sarah Nesbitt
Campus sexual assault

Betsy DeVos' Proposed Title IX Policies Harm Sexual Assault Survivors, Advocates Say

The Department of Education has outlined new guidelines that would protect the rights of the accused and leave the handling of sexual assault cases largely up to universities' discretion.
Marie Solis

I Dropped Out of College Because I Couldn't Bear to See My Rapist on Campus

Betsy DeVos thinks campus rape investigations are tilted in favor of the accuser, but that was far from my experience. Now that she's rescinded Obama's guidelines on campus sexual assault, I worry that more and more students will suffer like I did.
Audrey Chu
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How DeVos' New Rules on Campus Sexual Assault Discriminate Against Survivors

Among other things, the new policy allows schools to let accused rapists cross-examine their alleged victims.
Gabby Bess

Advocates Stress Great Entrepreneurs Still Graduate From College

In our present rapidly changing environment, a college education still represents the best investment you can make in your future.
Oliver Libby and George Tsiatis
Donald Trump

Trump’s Salary Donation Tells You Everything You Need to Know About Him

The president donated his paycheck to the Department of Education, but still wants to cut $9.2 billion from its budget.
Eve Peyser

Teachers Share Their Concerns About Education Politics in the US

Wages are low, policies and rhetoric are frustrating, but America's teachers are undeterred.
Molly Bangs

Teachers Shape the Next Generation, But Can They Live Off Their Salaries?

Wages are low, policies and rhetoric are frustrating, but America's teachers are undeterred.
Molly Bangs
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58 Women's Organizations Demand Candice Jackson Retract False Statements on Rape

“As advocates for student survivors, we are gravely concerned that rape myths like the one you articulated to the Times will motivate your office’s policies."
Kimberly Lawson
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Has the Trump Administration Stopped Investigating Campus Rape?

A lawsuit brought by National Women's Law Center alleges the Department of Education has refused to release records relating to Title IX investigations, leaving sexual assault victims wondering "whether they can turn to the agency for help."
Gabby Bess
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The Senate Just Approved Betsy DeVos to Lead the Education Department

Vice President Mike Pence had to cast the tie-breaking vote—a first for a Cabinet secretary confirmation.
Lauren Messman