Department of Health and Human Services


The Trump Administration is Converting a Former “Man Camp” in Texas into a Shelter for Migrant Kids

Once used to house workers from the Eagle Ford Shale oil fields, it will be converted to house up to 1,600 migrant children.


The Trump Administration Is Coming For Your Birth Control

Reproductive health advocates are already sounding the alarm over new rules finalized Thursday


Planned Parenthood could lose millions thanks to the Trump administration’s changes to a family planning program

The Trump administration is trying to cut Planned Parenthood and other similar organizations off from tens of millions of dollars in federal funding.


The Trump administration lost track of thousands of migrant children separated from their parents

“We don’t have any information on those children.”


Inside the teardown of Trump's infamous tent city for migrant kids

Tornillo is being torn down, and fast.


The Texas "tent city" housing thousands of migrant kids is closing

The contractor running the shelter said all the children housed there should be heading to a parent or sponsor living within the U.S. by Jan. 15.


Elizabeth Warren is trying to break up Big Pharma "cartels" by letting the government make generic drugs

It’s the sort of big idea that someone seeking the White House might take up.


Trump official in charge of separated kids is getting a new faith-based job within the administration

He’ll now work as a senior advisor working on outreach to faith-based partners for the Department of Health and Human Services.


The guy Trump put in charge of separated kids is reportedly writing a book about how much he hates abortion

Scott Lloyd is writing a book about his opposition to abortion, Politico reported Tuesday.


Trump official in charge of separated kids has been accused of violating ethics rules

Office of Refugee Resettlement Director Scott Lloyd sent one of his staffers an email he’d received in April from an employee at Catholic charity group and his former workplace, the Knights of Columbus.


Court Rules Trump Can't Use Pregnancy Prevention Funds on Abstinence Orgs

Federal judges ruled in favor of Planned Parenthood, which sued the Trump administration for letting abstinence-only groups apply for funds meant to help prevent teen pregnancy.


Immigrant parents are agreeing to be deported just to see their kids again

“What does it mean to be reunited on your way back to your country where you’re facing violence?”