Does Domestic Violence Actually Rise During the Holidays?

Actually, the opposite may be true.
Kristen Gwynne
In the Margins

The Disgusting Stuff Desperate Russians Drank During Soviet Prohibition

Cologne, toothpaste, and industrial solvents all provided cheap thrills for Soviet citizens.
Daniel Genis
Sothern Exposure

​Working at the Carwash Blues

It's 1970, and I work a couple of days a week at a Newport Beach carwash for $1.50 an hour, which keeps me in Banquet TV dinners, Hostess cherry pies, and Kool Kings.
Scot Sothern

A Wall Street Banker Went on a Sex-Crazed Killing Spree in Hong Kong

Rurik Jutting, a Cambridge graduate wh​o worked for Bank of A​merica Merrill Lynch, is accused of murdering Jesse Lorena and Sumarti Ningsih, who are being identified as prostitutes from Southeast Asia.
Allie Conti
Sothern Exposure

My First Time in the Drunk Tank

I remember a bottle of Bacardi rum, going to a party, stripping naked, following my stiff wiener, and chasing girls around.
Scot Sothern
This Week in Teens

Florida Teenagers Got Caught in a Snapchat-Fueled Robbery

Summer break sounds amazing in June, but by August the teens have grown restless. They're broke, they've got all these hormones that they can't properly act on, and Mom's at work.
Hanson O'Haver
A Few Impressions

'Salò' Revisited

Pier Pasolini's 20th-century take on the Marquis de Sade's 18th-century masterwork of depravity might be stomach turning, but it's also staggeringly honest about the power and chaos of unchecked desires.
James Franco