Depressing Lunch Photos from the Armpit of NYC

Photographer Chris Maggio captures the weird beauty of routine in the Midtown lunch hustle.


Sad Thanksgiving Stories We Hope Are Worse Than What Goes Down This Year

There's always the potential for disaster during Thanksgiving, and this year's more of a powder keg than usual. These stories will make you forget the pilgrim fairy tales, talking politics with your family, and the saturated fat.


Dying of Heartbreak Is Fucking Real, According to Study

The study says that "the risk was highest 18–14 days after the loss."


The Terrible Ways That Humans Fucked Up Food This Year

Even the world of food can't escape humanity's penchant for violence, exploitation, and straight-up evil.


Bleak Video Games Should Remind Us of What Matters in Our Real Lives

Bleak dystopias can be oddly uplifting.


I Tried Eating Gourmet Dog Food and Now I Hate Myself

I read about a health food store that prepares gourmet dog food out of restaurant-quality ingredients. Obviously, I had to try it so that I could compare it to the worst human food available commercially.


How Did Victor White III Die in the Backseat of a Cop Car in New Iberia, Louisiana?

The New Iberian police of Louisiana say Victor III shot himself. His family and local activists think that's ridiculous. And an on-going state investigation is trying to get to the bottom of it.


I Went to Porn School and It Was a Disaster

Some of the people who show up to Porn Weekender are aspiring porn-industry professionals; others are simply people for whom the experience of sitting at home watching porn is too lonely, remote, or unfulfilling.


What's With All The Sad DJS?

You would think an occupation where the ability to do drugs and function properly is a prerequisite would be fun—apparently it’s not.


Afghanistan's Carpet Loomers Are Feeding Their Kids Hashish

Poverty drives both the carpet and drug business. Husbands tend to be farmers, working long hours in the fields. The only income opportunity for women, who are not able to work anywhere but their homes, is carpet making. But who takes care of the...


The British Woman Who's Imprisoned with Her Baby in Pakistan

Khadija Shah was arrested for carrying $4.75 million worth of heroin through Islamabad airport. Her youngest daughter was born while Khadija was incarcerated, and hasn’t spent a day outside of the prison’s walls, and there's no immediate timeframe set...


Anthropology Has a Rape Problem

Another risk of doing field research in remote locations.