Scientists Design a ‘Template’ for Plant Life on Alien Worlds

“Once we figure out, or I hope we figure out, that we are not alone in the universe, the connection to the cosmos is just going to be even stronger.”
Becky Ferreira

A Booming Black Market Is Putting Many Cacti Species in Danger

Conservation scientists found that 261 out of 1,438 cactus species are unprotected by preserves or conservation regulations, putting them more at risk than mammals and birds.
Becky Ferreira
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Cops Are Investigating a Hallucinogenic Desert Toad Heist

The local conservation area believes the thieves may have wanted to lick the stolen Sonoran Desert toads for their natural psychedelic properties.
Drew Schwartz
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Government to Burning Man Ravers: Please Poop in Bags Now

The Bureau of Land Management has suggested Burners use more "pee bottles" and "poop bags" this year.
River Donaghey
Sahara snow

The Sahara desert was covered in over a foot of snow

It snowed in the Sahara Desert for the fourth time in nearly 40 years.
Katherine Tutrone
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

The Vehicles of the New 'PUBG' Map Highlight the Power of Personal Touches

Three new vehicles on the desert map show how flavor can help the multiplayer game grow.
Cameron Kunzelman

Gun Outfit’s Dylan Sharp on Meat Puppets and the American Southwest

Watch the video for 'Sally Rose' taken from the band's forthcoming, fifth album.
Tim Scott

Watch Eddie Huang Ride a Camel into the Desert

The VICELAND host flies to the heart of the UAE for a taste of the region's ancient culture and a look at how new residents are diversifying the city.
VICE Staff
New music

Listen to Queens of the Stone Age’s New LP, ‘Villains’

The band’s seventh studio album hit streaming services at midnight.
Alex Robert Ross

Two Words: Qatari Falconry. Two More Words: F*cking Surreal.

In ‘The Challenge,’ Italian filmmaker Yuri Ancarani shows how Western notions of power inspire Qatari falconers.
DJ Pangburn
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Jaden Smith Goes to the Desert and Is Cool in the New “Watch Me” Video

Jaden Smith loves cool cars and leather jackets and riffs and that's awesome.
Alex Robert Ross

L.A. Witch Bleed Desert Rock ‘N’ Roll on "Untitled" and Announce Debut LP

'L.A. Witch,' the band's first full-length after being together for four years, is out September 8 on Suicide Squeeze.
Alex Robert Ross