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Texas Superintendent Has Some Racist Thoughts on Black Quarterbacks

In reference to Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson, the school official said "When you need precision decision making you can't count on a black quarterback."
Sean Newell
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Marcus Mariota Has A Brighter Future Than "La La Land": The NFL Underground Mailbag

Yes, we see the irony. Who are the NFL's newest contenders now that free agency and the draft are behind us? Plus, why 'The F8 of the Furious' is destined to be our generation's 'Casablanca.'
Christopher Harris
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Video: Deshaun Watson Appears to Have Been Asked to Leave an Alabama Bar Because Football

Three things are sacred in the South: food, football, and manners. And one of them certainly went out the window.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Clemson Beats Alabama in National Championship on Last-Second TD

The game started slowly, but Clemson and Alabama traded TD-scoring drives, and Clemson scored the last one.
Kevin Trahan

Clemson Is College Football's Best Hope To Defeat Alabama

Overall, the Tigers are far more complete than anyone Alabama has seen since the two schools played this time a year ago.
Mike Piellucci

The Case for Clemson Against Alabama: They're the Only Ones Who Can Do It

Alabama is the best team in the country, but Clemson is the team best suited to pick them off.
Kevin Trahan
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Clemson vs. Ohio State Just Might be the Only Exciting Game this College Football Playoff

Ohio State vs. Clemson has a chance to be the matchup of the bowl season.
Kevin Trahan

2016 Was College Football's Year of the Running Quarterback

To counter the rise of the spread, big-time football programs like Alabama, Ohio State, and Clemson are relying on their quarterbacks' legs to carry them to the College Football Playoffs.
Ian Boyd

Clemson is Undefeated and a Likely Playoff Candidate, But They Kind of Suck

Clemson's record is impressive, but their performances have not been.
Kevin Trahan

Deshaun Watson Is Good Enough To Make Clemson Great

For Clemson to return to college football's national championship game, Deshaun Watson will have to be even better than he was last season. The Tigers' do-everything quarterback seems up to the task.
Kevin Trahan
deshaun watson

Deshaun Watson is Putting on a Performance to Rival Vince Young's 2006 Rose Bowl

He looks like VY in 2006 against USC.
Kevin Trahan
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Clemson Can Beat Alabama in the Championship Game by Staying Loose

Clemson and Dabo Swinney can beat Alabama and Nick Saban in the College Football Playoff championship game by playing fast, loose, and free.
Michael Weinreb