Design Miami


A Futuristic Table Doubles as a Digital Art Display

Table.Video by Label Dalbin and Ambroise Maggiar is a new plaything for wealthy collectors and a fascinating challenge for artists.


10 Women Designers Who Ruled Design Miami/

From subtle abstraction to bold absurdity, here are ten pieces we adored, all by women.


The Most Uncanny Installations at Miami Art Week

Freudian analysis, fish skateboards, and dream sequences transform physical spaces and your headspace.


Misha Kahn's Maximalism in the Age of Restraint | Studio Visits

Art for when the art world says too much is just enough.


Now You Can Experience Miami's Neon Coral Reefs with Oculus Rift

Visitors to Design Miami 2014 got to dive with Coral Morphologic's colorful creatures without getting their toes wet.


It's Art: Marina Abramovic Counts Grains of Rice

Explains Abramovic, "If you can’t count the rice for three hours, you can’t do anything good in life.”


See Big Ben, the Taj Mahal, and the Eiffel Tower Reimagined as Furniture

Studio Job design group brings five elaborate furniture sculptures to the Carpenters Workshop Gallery for Art Basel Miami.