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'Shadowkeep' Will Change the Way You Play and Pay for 'Destiny 2'

The latest 'Destiny 2' expansion 'Shadowkeep' changes a lot of the game. Here's what you need to know.
Ricardo Contreras
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'Destiny 2' Is, Thank God, Finally Leaning into its RPG Roots

Armor 2.0 brings back stats from 'Destiny 1' and adds a whole new way to build your Guardian.
Ricardo Contreras

Austin, Patrick, and Cado Need to Talk About 'Anthem' ASAP. For 90 Minutes.

This is a weird video game.
Patrick Klepek

'Anthem' Could Be Great Someday. Today Is Not That Day.

I was ready for 'Anthem' to be my Destiny, splitting the difference between dropping colored objects and telling cool stories. It feels great to fly, but it has a long way to go.
Patrick Klepek

What a Failed Puzzle Says About the Future of Destiny

Destiny 2's latest puzzle turned out to be a disappointment, and I can't wait for the next one.
Bruno Dias
Game of the Year 2018

A Game's Photo Mode Isn't Just a Feature, It's My Way of Seeing the World

Photography isn't just about posing the perfect shot, it's about working within limitations to capture a moment.
Dia Lacina

How the Changing Relationship Between Story and Lore Has Defined Destiny

On Waypoint Radio 186, we go in deep on game lore.
Danielle Riendeau
Destiny 2

The New 'Destiny 2' Expansion Doesn't Fix The Game's Shoddy Storytelling

In ‘Warmind,’ the new ‘Destiny 2’ expansion, you enter the final part of the story with no idea who or what you’re up against.
Danika Harrod

Bungie: Future of 'Destiny 2' For Players Who Want Destiny as "Their Hobby"

The studio's response to increased criticism from fans is an apology, and promises of changes to come.
Patrick Klepek
Important Questions Raised By...

Taylor Swift's "...Ready for It?" Might Be the Geekiest Video of All Time

But let's investigate just how nerdy it gets.
Phil Witmer
Star Wars

Today's Star Wars News Makes the Future of Single-Player Look Very Messy

If Star Wars can't give a publisher confidence in a splashy, expensive single-player game, maybe everyone's doomed.
Patrick Klepek
open thread

What's a Game You Turn to For Self Care?

Sometimes, the boring repetition in 'Destiny' is exactly what I'm looking for.
Austin Walker