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We Captured the Hellish Magic of Calgary's Underground Garbage Daze Fest in Photos

It looked like a hot, sweaty mess.
Levi Manchak
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J.S. Aurelius Debuts on Halcyon Veil with a Psychologically Imbalanced Mix

"the music is whatever 2" follows his recent 'Goofin Drones' album on Alter, protesting the military's use of drones.
Alexander Iadarola

How J.S. Aurelius Used Drone-Hacking Software to Make the Year’s Most Moving Protest Music

‘Goofin’ Drones’ takes the producer’s background in programming and affinity for noise and makes a statement against "death by remote control."
Colin Joyce
Holy Shit

Watch Destruction Unit Wreak Havoc Across LA in "Salvation"

The video features Molotov cocktails, burning flags and maaaaybe a guy being force-fed blood.
Andrea Domanick
Death & Night & Blood

Day Tripping with Destruction Unit

Chris Shaw of Ex-Cult talks to Destruction Unit about their killer new record.
Chris Shaw
Holy Shit

You Can Download Destruction Unit's New Record 'Negative Feedback Resistor' For Free

Definitely the best Friday ever.
John Hill
The Road to Nowhere Issue

September's Best and Worst Albums

Destruction Unit kicks ass, Bring Me the Horizon sucks, and 2 Chainz is immortal (but you already knew that).
VICE Staff
Holy Shit

Destruction Unit Definitely Have "The Upper Hand" on Everyone With Their New Burner

The fierce Arizona psych-punk collective drop a new track for streaming, maybe the best from their incredible new LP due via Sacred Bones.
Noisey Staff
Festivals 2015

Thirty New Additions Prove That One of North America's Best Festivals is Definitely Not Dead Yet

Names like Orden Mundial, Destruction Unit, and more have been added, so you definitely need to go.
Noisey Staff

Destruction Unit Send You on a Bruising, Spaced-Out Punk Trip with "If Death Ever Slept"

Due from the band's forthcoming Adult Swim/Sacred Bones LP, look for the new tracks to premiere at a gig near you.
Noisey Staff

PREMIERE: Get Lost in Ancient Ocean's New Ambient Odyssey, "Blood Moon"

Stream the title track from Ancient Ocean's full-length debut.
Kim Kelly
SXSW 2015

Check Out Photos from the First Half of SXSW 2015, Featuring Destruction Unit, Sheer Mag, and More

Photographer Steven Ruud documents the sheer mag(ness) of SXSW 2015.
Noisey Staff