It’s OK to Call ‘True Detective’ Season 3 Pretentious

The new HBO season is trying hard to hang onto former glory at the risk of sacrificing substance.
Noel Ransome

Cops Got a Drug Dealer’s Fingerprints From Photos of His Hand on WhatsApp

Yet another reason to forgo taking pictures when you break the law.
Daniel Oberhaus
Fast Food

NYPD Union Lifts Boycott of Dunkin Donuts After Chain Apologizes

New York City cops can now enjoy their French crullers and butter pecan swirl cuppas once more.
Mayukh Sen

'Snake 'N' Bacon in Tough Day at the Office,' Today's Comic by Michael Kupperman

The chief's odd behavior seems to be a mystery that a snake and a piece of bacon just can't crack.
Michael Kupperman
Nice Job!

A 'Psychic Detective' Tells Us How He Solves Murders

Troy Griffin claims he's worked on more than 100 missing persons cases.
Sarah Berman

Facebook’s DNA Detectives Are Helping Adoptees Find Their Birth Parents

The group has over 24,000 members. Many are looking for answers.
David Silverberg

Tears Flow Over the Suspicious Death of 12-Year-Old Tiahleigh Palmer

On Saturday, Queensland police announced that a decomposed body had been identified as Tiahleigh. Sunday night saw 400 people attend her vigil.
Julian Morgans
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Florida Man Complains the Cops Stole His 91 Weed Plants, Gets Arrested for Growing 91 Weed Plants

A few days later, the same guy called police to let them know he'd gotten in a fight with a neighbor down the street.
River Donaghey
VICE vs Video games

Building a Mystery: Gaming's Crime Investigation Mechanics and the Beauty of Being Unsatisfied

What satisfaction do you really get from being the Batman, when his gadgets do all the detective work?
Carolyn Petit

Mystery Mobile: There Is an App for Ordering Detectives On-Demand

How to dig up dirt in the year 2015.
Clinton Nguyen
Neither Big nor Easy

The Last Good Cop Gets Blood on His Hands

I spoke to Hoffacker about how his intense day job influences his art, his struggle to be a good cop in a city not famous for good cops, and what it’s been like living through America’s recent Ferguson-inspired love affair with hating the police.
Michael Patrick Welch

The Ransom of Samantha

The detective who showed up at 5 AM was not much older-looking than Samantha's friends. (Not that Samantha ever hung out with clean-cut guys like this. Why should she when there were still heroin addicts in bands who needed a doormat?)
Merrill Markoe