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Crying Girl in This Viral Photo Wasn't Actually Separated from Her Family

The photo became a symbol of the current family separation crisis on the US-Mexico border.
Drew Schwartz
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What it's like to have your parent taken by ICE

“I thought I was still dreaming until I heard the banging on the door.”
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Congress can't figure out a solution to the family separation crisis

On Tuesday, Trump even suggested that the debate over immigration could continue indefinitely.
Alexandra Jaffe
Rise Up

How to Support Over 100 Women on Hunger Strike Inside the UK's Most Controversial Immigration Center

Strikers escalated their actions against the detention facility, which mainly houses female asylum-seekers and immigrants awaiting deportation.
Alice Rowsome
Impact Equality

A New Play Shows What It’s Like to Be Trapped in Immigration Detention

The production exposes what it's like being indefinitely detained in the UK's most notorious immigration center.
Alice Rowsome
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In Detention Centers, 97 Percent of Rape Accusations Met by Silence, Report Says

A complaint issued by CIVIC charges that the DHS Office of Inspector General failed to investigate more than 97 percent of reports of sexual abuse from people in immigration detention over a two-year period.
Annamarya Scaccia

How Art Is Transforming a Facility for Miami's At-Risk Youth

How a community activist is providing inspiration and sanctuary through an expanding gallery, library, and educational center.
Monica Uszerowicz

Welcome to Stewart Detention Center, the Black Hole of America's Immigration System

At Stewart, roughly 1,700 men wait to find out whether they'll be deported from the United States. Chances are, they will be.
Christie Thompson

Child Migrants Will Be Released from Family Detention Centers, But What About Their Parents?

Last week, a federal appeals court ordered the release of children from immigration detention centers, but that mandate does not apply to their parents.
Meredith Hoffman

Teenage Immigrants Are Being Denied Asylum Because They Have No Right to an Attorney

Those who have a lawyer are five times more likely to be allowed to stay in the US, meaning access to legal aid can be the difference between safety and deportation.
Meredith Hoffman

Watchdog Slams France for Sending Migrants to Detention Centers to 'Unclog' Calais

A French prison watchdog has accused the government of abusing the rules on migrant detention in order to "unclog" the northern port city.
Pierre Longeray

A Letter Signed by 600 Detainees on Manus Island Pleads for Their Assisted Suicide

I asked its author what the hell is going on over there.
Chris Shearer