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Bush officials aren't liable for post-9/11 abuse, Supreme Court says

Alexa Liautaud
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Palestinian Authority Detains 100 Hamas Supporters in West Bank as Unity Pact Crumbles

Around 50 supporters of the Islamist group were arrested over the past two days alone. Hamas has also detained members of President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah in Gaza.
Harriet Salem

‘I've Never Seen Anything Like What I Saw In Ferguson’: VICE News Speaks with a Member of the Amnesty Int'l Delegation to Missouri

Because Amnesty is better known for its human rights advocacy abroad, the group’s Ferguson delegation was widely heralded as the “first of its kind."
Alice Speri
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Search for Missing Teens Leads to Largest Israeli Military Escalation Since the Second Intifada

The manhunt for the teens led to raids and hundreds of arrests — including of prisoners who had been released in exchange for Gilad Shalit.
Alice Speri
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Netanyahu Seizes Political Opportunity in Manhunt For Missing Israeli Teens

Israeli forces are cracking down hard on Hamas in the Palestinian territories, as they search for three teenagers missing since last week.
Dylan Collins
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Palestinians Are Paying the Price in the Search for Missing Settler Teens

A Palestinian was killed, and more than were 150 arrested, in the sweeping manhunt for three Israeli teens allegedly kidnapped near Hebron.
Alice Speri

Ukraine Is Now Detaining Journalists Too

Pro-Russia militias have held several reporters in Ukraine recently. Now Ukrainian forces have reportedly arrested three journalists.
Alice Speri
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These People Are Still Being Held by Armed Separatists in Ukraine

Political kidnappings have been on the rise in eastern Ukraine. Here is a partial list of people being held by separatists in Sloviansk.