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Ed Sheeran Fucked Up the NFL's Scheduling Process

The league had to work around Sheeran's fall concert schedule because he was playing in so many NFL stadiums.


Lions Coach Jim Caldwell Has a Secret Favorite Movie He Refuses to Share

Detroit's head coach would not tell reporters his favorite movie, so let's take some guesses.


Someone Is Selling Takkarist McKinley's Dreadlock on EBay

The Atlanta Falcons rookie found the listing and tweeted "I gotta buy my dread back." Creepy.


The 49ers Are So Bad At Football That They Made New GM John Lynch's Daughter Cry

"'What's wrong?' And she said, 'The 49ers are horrible.'"


Matt Prater Sons Justin Tucker By Outkicking his 75-Yard Field Goal by a Yard

Prater is sonning Tucker at every turn.


The Wild Card Winners Got Luckier Than You'd Imagine

Don't be fooled by a boring Wild Card weekend of favorites blowing out underdogs—all the winning teams have serious flaws


Paul Richardson Conjures a Bonkers One-Handed Catch With Some Touchdown Wizardry

He made some catch magic happen. He's like a catch wizard out there.


NFC Wild Card Previews: Red Hot Rodgers or More Giants Magic?

Which Russell Wilson will show up on Saturday? Can Aaron Rodgers keep up his stellar play?


Cris Collinsworth Narrates 30 Seconds in Detroit

Sad fans in ridiculous costumes will never not be funny.


​Life on the Edge: NFL Playoff Picture after Week 16

The NFC seeding will go down to the wire on Sunday Night Football.


​Life on the Edge: NFL Playoff Picture after Week 15

Good news San Francisco: you can clinch the No. 1 overall pick if you lose out, and the Browns win a game. Good luck!