At least 78 dead after blaze guts historic Chawkbazar in Bangladesh

"Our teams are working there, but many of the recovered bodies are beyond recognition.”
David Gilbert
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Dhaka's Extreme Metal Scene Worships the Old School

Bangladesh's most densely populated city also boasts its highest concentration of killer death, black, and thrash metal bands.
Joe Henley
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Bangladesh police say they killed the masterminds of the Dhaka cafe attack

The three suspects – believed to be behind the attack in an embassy area which left 22 dead – were holed up in a residence on the capital's outskirts.
Tess Owen
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British professor and Canadian university student arrested over terror attack in Bangladesh

On Thursday, the two men appeared in court as suspects in the massacre claimed by the Islamic State that left 22 people — mostly foreigners — dead.
Tamara Khandaker
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Bangladesh police arrest four suspected female militants in cafe attack investigation

The four women, aged 18 to 30, are suspected of plotting a separate attack. Investigators say they found large quantities of grenade-making materials, crude bombs and jihadi books in a house being rented by the women.
VICE News and Reuters

A Pizza Baker Was Mistakenly Shot In the Recent Terror Attack in Bangladesh

The baker was mistakenly shot by police during the military operation intended to free those being held captive during the 12-hour siege at the bakery in Dhaka this past Saturday.
Alex Swerdloff
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Bangladesh is being urged to confront its Islamic State problem

Attacks motivated by religious extremism have not sprouted up overnight in Bangladesh, but the Dhaka massacre on July 1 raised the scale of the killing. IS has claimed responsibility.
Tamara Khandaker
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Bangladesh says some attackers were wealthy and went to elite schools

Some of the men suspected of being behind Friday's deadly attack in the diplomatic zone of Bangladesh's capital, which left 20 hostages and two police officers dead, came from affluent families and attended prestigious schools.
Tamara Khandaker

Bangladeshi militants who killed 20 in attack were known to police

The gunmen stormed the upmarket restaurant in the Bangladeshi capital late on Friday before killing mostly non-Muslim hostages.
VICE News and Reuters
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Three US college students among 20 hostages killed in Bangladesh

Islamic State said it was responsible for the attack, which killed mostly foreigners, inside an upmarket restaurant in Bangladesh's capital.
VICE News and Reuters
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20 hostages dead in Bangladesh cafe siege

It's the latest in a series of deadly attacks, mostly using machetes rather than guns, that have targeted bloggers, atheists and religious minorities in Bangladesh in recent months.
VICE News and Reuters
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Islamist Militants Suspected In the Hacking Death Of a Hindu Priest in Bangladesh

Three attackers on motorcycles slit the throat of 70-year-old Ananta Gopal Ganguly while he was en route to the temple he served in the district of Jhenaidah, located about 100 miles west the capital city.
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