Scene Reports

Dhaka's Extreme Metal Scene Worships the Old School

Bangladesh's most densely populated city also boasts its highest concentration of killer death, black, and thrash metal bands.
Joe Henley

A Pizza Baker Was Mistakenly Shot In the Recent Terror Attack in Bangladesh

The baker was mistakenly shot by police during the military operation intended to free those being held captive during the 12-hour siege at the bakery in Dhaka this past Saturday.
Alex Swerdloff

My Time with the Bangladeshi Bloggers Facing Terror and Machete Attacks

We went to Dhaka, where secular bloggers, writers, and publishers are being targeted with brutal methods aimed at suppressing free speech.
Ranbir Singh Sidhu

Bangladesh Rising

VICE News was on the streets of Dhaka in the lead up to Bangladesh's enforced elections, to witness democracy at its most questionable.

Bangladesh Is Locked in Dumb and Violent Torpor

The country's bloodiest election ever was an exercise in depressing idiocy. The ruling party won, but it wasn't much of a victory since the main opposition party boycotted the election, branding it a "farce."
M Sophia Newman

The Bangladeshis Who Make Your Clothes Have Been Given a Pay Raise

Recent protests in Bangladesh achieved what looks like a victory over the weekend when the government announced that the minimum wage for garment workers is going to be increased by 77 percent, to $67 a month. Unfortunately, many wonder if factory...
Johnny Miller

A Factory Collapsed in Bangladesh on Wednesday, and 300 People Were Crushed to Death

On Wednesday, more than 2,500 workers outside of Dhaka went to work in a factory where cracks had just recently appeared in the walls. The building collapsed. At this writing 300 people are confirmed dead, around 600 injured. Nine hundred people are...
James Pogue
Motherboard Blog

To Curry Political Favor, Islamists in Bangladesh Want Atheist Bloggers to Die

The Islamist marchers listed 84 bloggers who they demand be arrested or hanged. In February an atheist blogger named Rajib was stabbed to death a month after blogger Asif Mohiuddin was nearly killed for his beliefs.
Joseph Allchin