This Is the Blackest Black Ever Created

MIT scientists have produced a material that is 10 times darker than anything else made by humans.


An Artist Is Launching a 100-Foot Satellite That Will Be Visible to the Naked Eye

"Space art" will become a whole new level of public art.


The Smallest Radio Receiver Ever Is Made from Imperfections in Diamonds

Harvard researchers made the world’s smallest radio receiver by using atomic imperfections in a pink diamond.


There Might Still Be Crooked Cops from the Silk Road Investigation

In the last month, two crooked federal agents embedded inside the Silk Road investigation were sentenced to prison, but they may not have been alone.


What Will Happen to the Largest Diamond to Be Found in a Century?

The biggest diamond to crop up in 100 years has made big news—and big money. But where will it end up?


The Second Biggest Diamond Ever Has Just Been Discovered in Botswana

The gem, found by a Canadian mining company, is second only to the famous Cullinan diamond found in South Africa 1905, which ended up becoming part of Britain's Crown Jewels.


Scientists Say We Could Build a Space Elevator Using Microscopic Diamond Chains

Diamond nanothreads are an “ideal material” for the cable needed to ferry cargo between Earth and the Moon or Mars.


We Asked an Expert if India Can Sue the Queen of England Over a Diamond

The Koh-i-noor diamond has been a part of the crown jewels since 1852, and now India wants it back. But can a country really sue the Queen?


Taking Down Tokyo's Corrupt Diamond Syndicate

VICE Japan follows Kyoji Sasaki on his mission to revolutionize an industry dominated by corrupt middlemen.


The FBI Is Investigating Whether a Crooked Agent Harassed Variety Jones

The former Silk Road mentor says a pseudonymous agent has been feeding him information.


Variety Jones: A Corrupt FBI Agent Is Hunting Me, So I'm Turning Myself In

The still-at-large Silk Road architect says there is another crooked law enforcement agent profiting off the dark web.


On the Roof Vol. 2: Mob Forever

Stream Volume Two of On the Roof, dedicated to The Jacka, which features songs from Bobby Brackins, Iamsu!, and The Jacka himself.