Dick Cheney


Sacha Baron Cohen Finally Explained How He Got Cheney to Sign a Waterboard Kit

"How am I going to convince one of the most cynical, suspicious, brilliant minds that I’m real?"
River Donaghey
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Here It Is, the Extremely Bonkers Musical Number That Got Cut from 'Vice'

It's just as bizarre as you'd expect.
River Donaghey

How Adam McKay Went from 'Whale's Vagina' to 'Evil Dick'

The writer/director is nominated for an Oscar for his Dick Cheney biopic 'VICE,' and laughing at all the evil in the world.
Michael Segalov
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Christian Bale's 'Satan' Comment Started an Unhinged Feud Online

People are riled up about the 'Vice' star's quip during his Golden Globe acceptance speech.
Beckett Mufson

'VICE' Is a Scathing Takedown of Dick Cheney and American Politics

Adam McKay's new movie about the Dubya era will leave you angry (and in need of a drink).
Miles Howard
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Christian Bale Has Fully Morphed into Dick Cheney in the New Trailer for 'Vice'

He's almost unrecognizable.
River Donaghey
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Dick Cheney's Autographed Waterboard Kit Was for Sale on eBay

Bids for the kit topped $3,000 before the page, ostensibly run by Sacha Baron Cohen's alter ego, was taken down.
Drew Schwartz
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Conservatives Pranked by Sacha Baron Cohen Can't Stop Hyping His New Show

'Who Is America?' is set to make a lot of people very, very angry.
Harry Cheadle
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Sacha Baron Cohen Got Dick Cheney to Sign a Waterboard Kit for His New Show, 'Who Is America?'

Showtime says the series is "perhaps the most dangerous show in the history of television."
River Donaghey

Kennesaw State Player's Rejected Windmill Dunk Turns into Slick Three-Pointer

Not really replicable in a game, but definitely the slickest way to fail you'll ever see.
Liam Daniel Pierce

This Election Season, Vote 'Swaggerdick 2016'

The mind behind the hit "We Don't Need Donald Trump as Our President" releases a full EP and makes it clear how to vote.
Kyle Kramer
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Donald Trump Doesn't Give a Shit That You Hate His Anti-Muslim Immigration Idea

Even Dick Cheney is like "WTF?"
Brian McManus