Die Antwoord


Skating in Hazmat Suits and Chugging Energy Drinks on 'KING OF THE ROAD'

Check out a new episode of the VICELAND show and stick around for 'PARTY LEGENDS' and 'AMERICAN BOYBAND.'


That Time Die Antwoord's Ninja Balled with Kanye and Drake

And got a chance to try Kim Kardashian's banana pudding.


The Time Die Antwoord's Ninja Played Basketball With Kanye West and Drake

Ninja told the story—that also involved Kim Kardashian, Travis Scott, and banana pudding—to VICELAND's 'Party Legends.'


Die Antwoord's "Fat Faded Fuck Face" Video Is an NSFW Club Night from Hell

We're all done with the year but Die Antwoord isn't done with us.


Die Antwoord Lash Out at “Dumb F*cks” Behind ‘CHAPPIE’ Movie, Say They Weren’t Credited for Artwork

After the furor over ‘Suicide Squad’ this summer, the duo have set their sights back to a 2015 sci-fi flick.


Die Antwoord Announce That They're Breaking Up, Share "Fat Faded Fuck Face," Say They've Made a Gangster Film

"It’s all over," said Ninja. "I feel beautiful about it. I’m not scared of the end. I’m a Ninja. I'm not scared of death.”


Watch Yolandi Drug Her Parents and Go Party in Die Antwoord's New Video for "Banana Brain"

It's in advance of 'Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid' dropping September 16 with guest spots from Jack Black and Dita von Teese.


Make-Overs Challenge Die Antwoord’s Monopoly on Wild South African Music Duos

Listen to 'Internal Logic' a track from the band's forthcoming record on Heel Turn Records.


Die Antwoord's "Banana Brain" Is the Best and Worst Kind of Song

Just a month or two after the release of their free mixtape 'Suck On This', the South African duo have released a new track and announced a new album.


Check Out These Stunning Photos of Secret Solstice, The Icelandic Music Festival Where the Sun Never Sets

Radiohead, Die Antwoord, Of Monsters and Men, and one photographer's dream scenario.