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The Small But Important Change 'Celeste' Made to Its Celebrated Assist Mode

When someone pointed out the game's description "felt othering," the developer not only listened, but made them part of the creative process.
Patrick Klepek

Where There Is Dark Souls Discourse, There Is Waypoint Radio

Don't worry, we only spend...an hour...talking about it. We really constrained ourselves this time.
Patrick Klepek

We've Always Made Our Own Easy Modes. 'Sekiro' Is No Exception

Games have, forever and ever, been about pushing back on the designer’s intent, sometimes at their encouragement, sometimes in spite of it.
Patrick Klepek

How a Horror Game About Death Expanded Its Audience By Letting Them Live

For some players, 'Outlast 2' was too frustrating to be fun, and so the developers spent nearly a year trying to fix it for them.
Patrick Klepek

Why The Very Hard 'Celeste' is Perfectly Fine With You Breaking Its Rules

After the release of 'Cuphead,' designer Matt Thorson wondered if there was a way to make his challenging game more accessible.
Patrick Klepek
Horror Games

Why, Two Years Later, Sci-Fi Horror 'Soma' Is Nerfing Its Monsters

'SOMA,' a terrific and terrifying tale from the developers of 'Amensia: The Dark Descent,' is becoming a different game.
Patrick Klepek
Outlast 2

What Happens When the World Says Your Game Is Too Difficult

The developers of 'Outlast 2' wanted to make a tough game, but soon realized they'd made a mistake.
Patrick Klepek