Digital Manipulation


The Internet Archive Can't Preserve the Web's History by Itself

The Joy Reid saga highlights the strengths and weaknesses of web archiving.


Cut-And-Paste Creations Frankenstein the Still Life

Daniel Gordon explores classicism through new-fangled digital tools.


Algorithmic Frame "Paintings" Remove the Art, But Not The Artistry

The art of framing and math find common ground in Taylor Holland's 'Fra[mes]' series.


Animated TV Shows Turn Into Static, Coded Canvases

Casey Reas manipulates TV transmissions into visual works reminiscent of Pollock.


How to Play with Your Food (On a Computer) and Do It Well

A soft-serve cone sprinkled with prescription pills and an eyeball lollipop are two of the captivating images by POP MY EYES.


Revamped Victorian Photography Imagines Anonymous Aristocrats As Birds

Photographer Sara Angelucci, fuses science and and the supernatural by merging people with mysterious birds.


Hacked Photoshop Tools Lead to Chaotically Manipulated Digital Art

Here's how Brooklyn-based artist Zach Nader turns movies and ads into gorgeous glitchy forms.


Surface Tension: Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy's Isolated Building 'Façades'

These digitally-manipulated cityscapes are windows into cities' souls.


"Without You" Tumblr Shows Figure Skating Duos Without Their Better Half

Christopher Hiltz digitally manipulates photos to create images that are both hilarious and oddly melancholy.