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Your Menstrual App Is Probably Selling Data About Your Body

Using a menstruapp can mean telling the app regularly if you went out, drank, smoked, had an orgasm, what your poop looked like, if your skin is clear, how you feel, and if your vaginal discharge has a strong odor or looks like cottage cheese.
Sarah Burke
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Not Even AI Can Make Total Sense of a Privacy Policy

Using artificial intelligence, researchers have created a tool that crawls privacy policies on popular websites like Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter. But the software’s findings are not as detailed as those done by humans.
Kaleigh Rogers
digital privacy

Trump's NAFTA Renegotiations Could Put Canadians' Personal Data At Risk

Canada and the US will soon start working towards a new deal.
Jacob Dubé

This Map Will Show If Your Web Traffic Passes Through an NSA Listening Post

IXmaps wants to “make visible the secret, dangerous, often illegal forms of surveillance that are increasingly becoming part of everyday life.”
Farnia Fekri

Republicans Are About to Nuke the FCC’s Broadband Privacy Rules

It’s part of a broad GOP effort to roll back regulations across the US economy.
Sam Gustin

How to Protest Without Sacrificing Your Digital Privacy

How to keep your digital devices and accounts safe when exercising your right to peaceably assemble.
Joseph Cox
Quick, Draw

'Quick, Draw' is a Computer Judging Your Bad Pig Pictures

Playing 'Quick, Draw' allows you to have some very weird interactions with a neural network. And come to terms with your farm animal drawing skills.
Cameron Kunzelman

Your Smartphone Is Being Secretly Accessed—By Your Friends and Family

31 percent of respondents in a survey snooped in the past year.
Bryson Masse

How to Ask Dating Apps and Fitness Trackers For Your Personal Data (in Canada)

Canada's superior privacy laws are a good reminder of where the US falls short.
Matthew Braga
State of Surveillance

We Asked Edward Snowden if Online Privacy Has Improved Since His Massive NSA Leak

Check out the trailer for our upcoming episode of 'VICE' on HBO, airing May 27 at 11 PM.
VICE Staff

One of the Biggest Privacy Wins in Recent Memory Has Been Reversed

Cops don't need a warrant to get your cellphone location, court rules in "disappointing" decision.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Talking to Brian K. Vaughan About the Future of Privacy

"I have a fear, particularly now that I have children, of how the internet has eliminated our ability to forget entirely."
Jessica Holland