digital sculpture


Artists Turn Skateboarding Tricks into Awesome 3D-Printed Sculptures

Using tracking electronics and software, artist Paul Ferragut of Convivial Studio is turning skateboarding tricks into works of art.


Quayola’s Glitchy Reimaginings of Broken Ancient Greek Artifacts

For the latest installment in his Laocoön Fragments series, computational artist Quayola simulates fragments from an archaeological dig.


Lonely, Futuristic Humanoids Inhabit a Stunningly Detailed CG World

Felix Rothschild's characters are just like us, plus a few millennia of evolution.


These CGI Hunks Are Just Bags of Male Tears

Drag them, Croatian digital artist Marta Strazicic, drag them.


A 3D Portrait of Your Friendly Neighborhood Bagel Man

'Meet Adam,' is a virtual portrait of a real food cart vendor, created by Michelle Hessel.


This Digital Sculpture is Crawling with Simulated Life Forms

"Still Life with Yumyums" offers a peek into a world infested with digital organisms.


Disrupt Your Day with a Zen-Like "Kinetic" Sculpture

Let artist and motion designer Sebastian Murra hypnotize you with abstract sound and vision.


Floating Pipe Sculptures Look Like Alien Life Forms

David McLeod's digital creations put surreal twists on a mundane object.


User Preferences: Tech Q&A With Google Earth Artist Peter Root

Each week we chat about the tools of the trade with one outstanding creative to find out exactly how they do what they do.