Solange's Mystifying Quiltwork and 14 More Albums for Heavy Rotation

This week's essential listening includes Weather Channel jazz and a hardcore rap hybrid and basically anything else you could want.


Burgundy's Last Independent Mustard Factory Will Make Your Eyes Water

The Maison Fallot, in the French city of Beaune, is holding on in the face of food industry giants.


Dijon.'s Take on R&B Is Lovingly Worn and Incredibly Special

"Wild" is the latest—and possibly the best—in a string of beautiful singles from the Los Angeles-based songwriter. Listen now before he blows the fuck up.


Broccoli Slaw with Roasted Cashews and Cranberries Recipe

Your life may just forever be changed once you add broccoli to your coleslaw.


A Food Blogger Was Fined €11,000 For Writing a Fake Restaurant Review

While brutal online reviews are just a reality of owning a restaurant in the age of the smartphone, this particular review of Loiseau des Ducs de Dijon, in Dijon, France, stood out because it was posted five days before the restaurant even opened.


How to Make a Perfect Croque Madame for Dinner

There is no good logic for relegating a breakfast sandwich to breakfast time only. The Croque Madame is a perfect case for eating the last meal of the day like it's your first.


Croque Madame Recipe

This French sandwich is considered a major classic for a reason: it's oozing with Gruyère and béchamel, stuffed with salty ham and spicy Dijon, and topped with a fried egg.


The Anti-Religion and Anti-Establishment History of 'Charlie Hebdo'

"Charlie Hebdo" has never paid much attention to sacred cows, and has lampooned everyone from the pope to presidents in its polemical caricatures and irreverent editorials."


'Charlie Hebdo' Shooting Rampage Is Fourth Attack In Three Weeks to Raise Terror Concerns In France

Individuals yelling “Allahu Akbar” have perpetrated four attacks on French citizens, journalists, and police in recent weeks.


France Searching for Answers After 'Allahu Akbar' Attacks

Two recent attacks — and another incident Monday when a driver plowed into a crowd of pedestrians — have reignited the debate over terror threats on French soil.


Suspected 'Lone Wolf' Islamist Attacker Ploughs Into French Pedestrians, Injuring 11

A man drove into pedestrians in the French city of Dijon on Sunday night. Witnesses said he was shouting "Allahu akbar" as he carried out the assault — as did another attacker who slashed a policeman in a separate incident on Saturday.


Feeling Shat Upon by Regulations, French Farmers Dumped Manure on Government Buildings

On Wednesday, disgruntled French farmers fanned out across the country to call attention to their depressed wages. They made quite a splash, dumping tons of fruits and vegetables on Paris’ Place de la Republique and using tractors to spray manure onto...