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Uncovering the Best Food in New York City's Chinatown

Restaurateur Wilson Tang shows us the hidden gems of NYC's Chinatown.
VICE Staff
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8 Dumpling Recipes to Make for Any and All Occasions

Shumai, potstickers, khinkhali--you name it, we can show you the way.
Munchies Staff
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27 of the Coolest Restaurants and Bars in San Francisco

Whether you want world-class fine dining, incredible dim sum, fresh-outta-the-ocean sushi, a strong rum drink served out of a whole pineapple, or just views that will take your breath away, SF is paradise.
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How to Order Dim Sum Like a Pro

If the dumplings on the cart look too dry, you can kindly ask for any dumpling to be made fresh just for you. You can ask to have your turnip cakes be extra crispy, too.
Samantha Wan
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Ditch Your Brunch Plans and Cook this Epic Dim Sum Feast

These dim sum recipes have everything you need for a killer meal—minus the cart.
Becky Hughes

Pork and Shrimp Shumai

The best thing about these dumplings? They couldn't be easier to assemble. They're like open little baskets of goodness.
Wilson Tang
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Please Do Not Compare Eating Dumplings to Popping Pimples

“Love popping spots AND eating dumplings? Combine the two with exploding soup dumplings at Dumplings Legend.”
Nick Rose

8 of the Coolest (and Weirdest Places) to Eat and Drink in Austin

Austin is a paradise where you can play chicken shit bingo, waterski up to a bar, and eat top-notch Indian food in a convenience store. Stay weird, indeed.
Munchies Staff
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Step Inside 98-Year-Old Hang Ah Tea Room, the Oldest Dim Sum Restaurant in America

Since 1920, generation after generation of Chinatown residents has slipped into Hang Ah Tea Room for dumplings, noodles, and tea.
Hilary Pollack

Enter the Dumpling House Where Anime Meets Dim Sum

After one couple was dismayed by the lack of restaurants making fresh dumplings from scratch in London, they decided to open a spot that is also heavily inspired by anime.
Simran Hans

Inside Hong Kong's Most Disgusting Dim Sum Restaurant

I visited Hong Kong's gimmick-driven Dim Sum Icon to try its bizarrely popular pooping Gudetama buns and vomiting cartoon bao.
Megan Hills
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Britain’s Dim Sum Trolleys Are Making Their Last Rounds

With the pressures of modern ordering systems and less restaurant floorspace, Britain’s Chinese dim sum restaurants are abandoning the traditional trolley service that sees small hot plates wheeled around dining rooms.
Angela Hui