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27 Excellent Party Appetizer Recipes 'Cause You're Too Old to Serve Stale Tortilla Chips

Make enough and you won't even need a main course.
Munchies Staff

Meet the Singing Chef Who’s Hosting Berlin’s Finest Dinner Parties

Julia Bosski's Polish-infused parties are equal parts dinner and theater.
Barbara Woolsey

Abdullah Saeed Gets High on Beef Cheek

On an all new episode of our VICELAND series 'BONG APPETIT' VICE's resident weed expert throws an elaborate cannabis dinner party with chef Marcel Vigneron.
VICE Staff
naked eating

Inside a San Francisco Drag Icon's Naked Dinner Parties

Juanita More! has always loved to cook. The Bay Area glam-drag fixture has hosted more people for dinner than she can remember. In 2012, Juanita upped the ante by throwing the first of a very popular dining series, The Naked Dinner Party.
Mouthfeel Magazine
The Artist

The Artist Has Nothing to Say in This Week's Comic from Anna Haifisch

How it feels to say nothing for 40 minutes at a party.
Anna Haifisch

I Made a Meal Out of a 'Cereal Café' Cookbook, and, Surprise, It Was Gross as Hell

Why not mix pickled onions, canned pineapple, and Cheerios? Because it's fucking disgusting, that's why.
Joe Bish
Los Angeles

Mixing Disco and Dining Did Not Give Me Saturday Night Fever

At LA's Disco Dining Club, disco is considered "the fullest expression of living." Somehow that translated into turkey schnitzel sliders, a framed picture of Tupac, and a very not-70s burlesque show.
Alison Stevenson

Win Tickets to a MUNCHIES Dinner Party with Carlo Mirarchi in Miami

We're giving away two tickets to a super-fun, crazy-delicious dinner in Miami with Roberta's chef Carlo Mirarchi, plus tons of special guest hosts.
Munchies Staff

Vietnamese Hot Pot

The more ingredients you add, and the longer they are being simmered, the more aromatic your hot pot gets.
Truong Si Dong Phuong