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Are We in a Golden Age for Female Designers?

From new designers at Dior and Givenchy to the Rei Kawakubo show at the Met, more female designers are in the spotlight than ever. But are these women subverting the status quo in favor of something better, or enforcing the long-standing rules?
Haley Mlotek
Garage Magazine

Couture Week: Nostalgia at Chanel, Goddess Vibes at Dior, and Old-School Glamour at Armani

The three heavy-hitting designers offered a refined but nostalgic take on tradition that makes it clear they know (and care about) their couture audience.
Rachel Tashjian

From Corsets to Kardashians: Women's Power and the History of the Silhouette

Whether it's Christian Dior flouting post-WWII fabric rationing or Mary Tyler Moore fighting for her right to wear pants on air, in women's fashion, a change in shape can reflect a change in cultural and political priorities.
Bethy Squires

Kate Moss’s Most Iconic Outfits Get Illustrated by 30 Artists

Nick Knight commissioned 30 illustrations to interpret the model's favorite runway looks for 'Moving Kate' at London’s SHOWstudio.
Eleanor Lambert
Luxury Week

The Startup That Wants to Help You Find High-End Fashion’s Holy Grails

Less than three years old, Grailed.com caters to the well-heeled looking to augment their luxe wardrobe.
Rae Witte

Raf Simons Is the Future of American Fashion

Raf Simons's appointment to chief creative director of Calvin Klein not only brings a new degree of cachet and international appeal to the American brand, it has the possibility of reinvigorating New York City's place in the global fashion paradigm.
Jian DeLeon

Is There a Recipe for Tumblr Success? We Ask Internet Sensation FashGIF

"Sometimes you want a GIF to look really fake because that’s where the humor lies, but if you doctor it too much people are just like, 'This has gone too far.'"
Ingrid Kesa
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Rihanna Dance Through the Palace of Versailles in Dior's 'Secret Garden IV'

The short film also features a snippet of the new song "A Night."
Noisey Staff
Style Stage

Metronomy x Marion Cotillard x Dior = OMFG YES

Screw Jesus, Marion Cotillard can walk on water too.
Kim Taylor Bennett

We Watched Richie Hawtin Woo Rich People at the Guggenheim

Welcome to the most tightly-buttocked rave of the century.
VICE Thump
Getting Fresh with Wilbert

I'm Covering NYFW for VICE So I Bought Some New Shit Swag

Covering New York Fashion Week is the kind of shit I dreamed about when I was a measly VICE intern fetching dildos. How could I not cop some new gear for this special occassion?
Wilbert L. Cooper