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Alice In Chains’ Jerry Cantrell Revisits the Band’s Five Records

With a new record in the works, the founding guitarist/vocalist dug into the band’s back catalog.
Mark Lore
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Is It Okay That My Kid Sometimes Eats Dirt?

There are a billion bacterial cells per gram of soil.
Christina Stiehl
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Dust Isn't Just Gross, It's Full of Scary Stuff

Time to put your Swiffer Wet to work.
Alexandra Ossola
Dirt 4

'Dirt 4' Is a Terrifying Dance with Death Once the Rain Starts Falling

'Dirt 4' is fast, invigorating, and sometimes, panic-inducing.
Danielle Riendeau
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Why Do My Feet Always Smell Like Vinegar and Piss?

Or on a good day, sour cream n' onion potato chips.
Michelle Malia

Volcanic Rock Art Brings the Badlands to the Gallery

Bosco Sodi's 'Malpaís' exhibiton is an 11,000 sq. ft. spectacle.
Nathaniel Ainley

Welcome to the MUNCHIES Garden

We’re inviting some of our favorite chefs, bartenders, and personalities in the world of food and drink to come and treat our garden like their very own edible playground.
Munchies Staff

Seattle Has Decided Not to Fine Its People for Their Pizza Crusts and Orange Peels

The plan to emblazon Seattle citizens’ trash cans with semi-literal Scarlet Letters and make them cough up moola for the sick crime of tossing out the barbecue-sauce soaked napkins from their all-weekend Rib-a-thons has apparently been postponed.
Munchies Staff

​Making Drugs Out of Dirt Is Really Hard

A new project is collecting dirt from around the world in hopes of discovering molecules that could be used in new drugs.
Gian Volpicelli

A Gardener in South Central LA Wants You to Grow Your Own Food

Had Ron Finley's garden not been cited for obstructing parkways and growing the wrong kinds of plants, his message of self-sufficiency and the wonders of soil might never have made it as far as it has.
Hannah Green

The Gold Rush That Is Destroying Suriname's Rainforest

Suriname's Krikie Nigi gold camp represents the Platonic ideal of environmental devastation. From our car window, we see mud piles, craters filled with foaming mercury-contaminated water, the occasional scorched tree. Artisanal mining crews move in...
Kel O'Neill and Eline Jongsma
Motherboard Blog

Like those old see-through iMac keyboards from about 5 years ago except more disgusting and strangely more soothing.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a tidy person, I vacuum my house and of course keep myself clean, so and so forth. 'Brush your hands and wash your teeth' (is that how it goes?) and all that.
Christopher Smith