odd jobs

Working at a Slaughterhouse Is as Gruesome as You Thought

We hide animal tongues in our friend's lunch and de-plug pig hair from broken machines.
Hannah Ewens
food safety

Dunkin' Donuts Manager Served Customers Pastries That Had Been Dropped on Floor

A video has emerged of a Dunkin' Donuts manager engaging in some pretty sketchy behavior.
Nick Rose
Music Video Premieres

PREMIERE: Watch Jarvis Cocker Hang with Tigers, Ponder the Universe in the Video for "Completely Sun"

It's the wry, Herzogian art house nature documentary you never knew you always wanted.
Lelo Jimmy Batista

The Apartments of England's Single Young Ladies, Compared with Those of Its Single Young Men

Are men really that much more disgusting than women? We took some photos of flats belonging to single women and compared them with the photos we took of flats belonging to single men.
Carl Wilson
kids telling dirty jokes


Kids Telling Dirty Jokes is back! In this first episode, our little ladies' man, Jon, steps up to bat.
VICE Staff

Photos of the Bathrooms and Kitchens of America's Bachelors

My attempt to document the secret and fleeting period in a man's life between his mother cleaning his room and his wife decorating his apartment.
Michael Rababy
kids telling dirty jokes


Kids Telling Dirty Jokes is our new series that features tiny comedians we found on Craigslist. The premiere episode stars Talin, who looks like a sweetie but is actually the devil.
VICE Staff
Motherboard Blog

Should Drones Have Been Used to Find Christopher Dorner?

That's assuming the former LA cop and Navy reservist actually met a fiery end. If he didn't, why not release the drone hounds now?
Brian Anderson
Motherboard Blog

Roadside Motherboard: A Dirty Energy Driving Tour Into Nitro, West Virginia

Dropping west at night out of the Allegheny Mountains into the deep gash of western West Virginia’s Kanawha River valley, descending a comically gnarled state highway/county road cut impossibly into the side of a sharp tributary gorge, you might be...
Michael Byrne
Question Of The Day

Are Working Class People Better in Bed?

We hit the streets of London to find out what makes rich folks want to sleep with common people.
VICE Staff