dirty bomb


Idaho State University Lost Enough Weapons-Grade Plutonium to Make a Dirty Bomb

Tfw you misplace your weapons grade plutonium.
Daniel Oberhaus
The End of Days

How to Survive the First Hour of a Nuclear Attack

Experts helped us picture exactly what would happen.
Olga Oksman

Why Nuclear Proliferation Poses an Ever-Increasing Threat

Command and Control, a new film debuting at the Tribeca Film Festival, highlights the ever present threat posed by nuclear weapons, even as they lie dormant.
Katherine Keating

Security Guard's Murder Fuels Fears That Nuclear Plants in Belgium Could Be Attacked

A guard’s missing security pass to a nuclear power plant in Belgium had to be deactivated after he was found shot to death in his home.
Tess Owen

The Discomfort of Playing a Shooter Game Set in Your Own City

Dirty Bomb is a free, British-made shooter in which you can call in a missile attack on Waterloo Station.
Edwin Evans-Thirlwell

Nuclear Hijacking Is More Common Than You Think

Last Monday morning, in a town north of Mexico City, six truck-jacking bandits accidentally stole pellets of cobalt-60—a highly dangerous radioactive material used for cancer treatment.
Alex Chitty
Motherboard Blog

How To Buy a Black Market Dirty Bomb (Video)

Shane Smith, of Motherboard's _Vice_ big sister, heads to Bulgaria's would-be Beverly Hills, where capitalism has spawned a market for anything your heart could ever possibly desire. Including weapons to turn New York City into a ghost town. The free...
Michael Byrne