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Living Alone Is Awesome, Even with My Disability

Growing up with cerebral palsy, I always thought having my own apartment was an impossible dream.


Why I Don't Like Going to Bars as a Disabled Person

From inaccessible bathrooms to weird looks, drinking with your friends at a pub isn't such a piece of cake.


Winter Sucks When You Have a Disability

Snow might be a lovely thing for some, but for me and my power wheelchair, it's an immobilizing force.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Donald Trump promises to make America safe from violence in his speech at the RNC, an Indian military plane goes missing, a Colorado town finds THC in the drinking water, and more.


Sara Nović Takes You to the Front Lines of Croatia's Civil War in Her Novel, 'Girl at War'

We met the author to talk about her dark debut novel, which is about a girl caught up in war-torn Yugoslavia. We also discussed her blog, Redeafined, which gives a voice to issues faced by the deaf.


How Well Does ‘Daredevil’ Handle Disability Issues?

Like it or not, there is no disabled character on television with as much exposure as Daredevil. We took a closer look at the new Netflix show and how its portrayal of the blind impacts the way people view the disabled.