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The Town at the Epicenter of California’s Massive Earthquake Feels Forgotten

"I'm young, I just got this house, I worked hard for this house, and now an earthquake is possibly going to take it out."


A Huge Part of Crucial Aid for Puerto Rico is Still In Limbo

Nearly 30,000 homes in Puerto Rico still have temporary roofs, almost two years after Hurricane Maria.


Corporations are Privatizing Power in Puerto Rico as Trump Administration Relief Aid Continues to Stumble

A toxic combination of incompetency, greed and vulnerability after Hurricane Maria make the island ripe for a dangerous move toward privatization of major utilities.


Over 22,000 Puerto Rican Students Are Out of School Since Hurricane María

As enrollment shrinks after the storm, 1 in 13 kids across the island won't be back to school.


California is running out of places to move the dirt from its deadly mudslides

Disaster relief crews in Montecito, California, race to move the tons of mud to a nearby town


In Post-Hurricane Maria, Teachers in Puerto Rico Lead Where the Government Fails

Puerto Rico's educators need help in their fight to keep schools open and moving.


Disaster survivors fear a government shutdown will also shut down their aid

They've been fighting for help — and that was before the looming shutdown


After Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico's Three Kings Holiday Symbolizes Its Spirit of Resilience

With the island now over 100 days in darkness, the people plan to celebrate the upcoming holiday in a different way.


It's 2018, and Puerto Rico is Still Dealing With the Fallout from Hurricane Maria

People in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands attempting to get back on their feet and rebuild their islands should not have to worry about evictions, late fees, negative credit reports or any other financial burdens due to no fault of their own.


Concrete Ways to Support Puerto Rican Small Businesses Months After Hurricane Maria

The natural disaster left the island nation in a state of devastation. Here's how you can help locals get back on their feet in this urgent time of need.


Puerto Rico's Hurricane Recovery Comes Down to a Meeting on Wall Street

As Washington continues to stall on meaningful recovery, an upcoming meeting in Manhattan has huge implications for the future of hundreds of thousands of workers on the island who were already dealing with an economic catastrophe.


Facebook Announces New Fundraising and Disaster Response Tools To Help Your Favorite Cause

Your guide to Facebook's new Social Good Forum, what’s working, what’s not and what you can do about it.