Queer Girls Are 95 Percent More Likely to Be Punished at School Than Straight Girls, Study Finds

A new study examines the differences in school discipline for queer and straight students. While the study is not representative of the entire US population, it gives some new insight into the educational experience of queer girls today.
Kimberly Lawson
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No Good Comes From Being Spanked as a Kid

“The difference between spanking and abuse is kind of a grey zone."
Knvul Sheikh

There Are No Tricks to Losing 125 Pounds

I just kept it simple and consistent.
Mike Zimmerman
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Should teachers use corporal punishment on students?

A majority of Americans believe in a parent’s right to spank a child, according to a recent survey, though most would never dream of granting that right to an educator. But in almost half the country, corporal punishment is legal in schools.
Antonia Hylton
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The Satanic Temple Wants to Save Kids from Abusive Teachers

The Temple plans to erect billboards in areas that still allow corporal punishment in public schools and notify school boards of children's civil rights.
Brian Moylan
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You Lack Discipline

This is how you get it.
Greg Presto
Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: The Ump Who Got Suspended For Spitting On A Player, And The Problem Of Discipline

Umpire George Magerkurth and second baseman Billy Jurges both spit on each other during an argument. The strange part was that both of them got suspended for it.
Steven Goldman
Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: The Year Babe Ruth Lost It, And Grew Up

Fresh off two of the most dominant seasons in history, Babe Ruth spent 1922 getting in trouble, getting suspended, and generally messing up. It changed everything.
Steven Goldman
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The Most Embarrassing Thing I've Ever Had to Tell My Parents

"At age seven, I ran home crying and told my mother I was pregnant."
Caroline Thompson
Club Cheval

Club Cheval Are the Most Unpredictable Party-Starters in Paris

Brodinski's stable of game-changing producers open up about their upcoming full-length: "It's a mix of Soviet and Liberal thinking applied to dance music. Plus, 100 percent friendship."
Julia Martineau

Let’s Not Let the Jian Ghomeshi Scandal Give BDSM a Bad Name

BDSM lovers are particularly pissed off about Ghomeshi's Facebook post, because if the allegations against him are true, he was engaged in assault, not BDSM.
Sarah Ratchford

The Jim Irsay Suspension is Another Example of Roger Goodell's Convenient Morality

When it comes to discipline, the NFL Commissioner is more interested in appearing like a man of principle than actually being one.
Colin McGowan