Exercise Addiction Is an Underdiagnosed Epidemic

For a long time, my doctors saw only a healthy person who exercised. But I had to learn to be honest with myself about how running was running my life.


I Can't Be a Food Writer Because I Nearly Choked to Death

I will never give you a five-star review. In fact, I will probably never review your restaurant.


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On this episode of 'Daily VICE' we meet up with professional skateboarder Billy Rohan to talk about his struggle with bipolar disorder and how he got back on his feet.


Coming to Terms With Sexsomnia

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Into the Dark

The first Canadian trials of an experimental treatment are aiming to cure a genetic disorder that causes blindness.


Talking to a Guy Who Found Peace Through Self-Amputation

We spoke to a man who suffers from Body Integrity Identity Disorder, a rare condition that makes you feel like one of your limbs doesn't belong on your body.


Don’t Worry Circumcision Probably Doesn’t Cause Autism

This week Danish researchers released a study claiming boys who were circumcised are up to 46 percent more likely to develop autism later in life.


Watain Covered an Artisanal Flea Market in the Stench and Fluids of Death

Blood, vomit, sweat, and black metal. Waturn down for what?


Post Traumatic Streets Disorder (Trailer)

The war at home - coming soon to VICE News.


Starving for Fashion

This week in New York City, hundreds of young girls will hit the runway for fashion week, the modeling world’s Super Bowl. It looks glamorous, but the lifestyle of a model can be a catalyst for poor mental health; I was one of those women who suffered...