Conspiracy Theories Are the Reason We Still Have Polio

The Taliban, Boko Haram and antivaxxers have this one thing in common.
Ankita Rao
Rio 2016

Trying to Experience Rio Outside the Olympic Bubble

Most of the 30,000 journalists covering the Olympics will spend their time in or around the Olympic venues. Our writer Aaron Gordon is trying to experience the real Rio.
Aaron Gordon
NBA Finals

How to Watch the Warriors: A Journey into Fandom and Across the Bay

A search of the one true Warriors experience during the NBA Finals included a public park with a Jumbotron, variously loathsome sports bars, semi-fancy restaurants, and Oracle Arena itself.
Tarin Towers
Daytona 500

Louder, Faster, Completely in Control: Three Days at Daytona

Navigating the crowds, the hierarchies, and just the immense size of the Speedway while the Daytona 500 roared around the track.
Jules Bentley
Super Bowl 50

The Imperfect Host, Part Six: What Comes After The Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is over, and with it Super Bowl City's brief, branded invasion of San Francisco. Things will be back to normal soon enough, but that's not the end.
Tarin Towers
Super Bowl 50

The Imperfect Host, Part Four: On The Edge In Super Bowl-Occupied San Francisco

With its four-figure average ticket prices, Super Bowl 50 is unmistakably and even proudly a luxury event. Life outside the walls of Super Bowl City is different.
Tarin Towers
Super Bowl 50

The Imperfect Super Bowl Host, Part Two: San Francisco Street Hassle

Hosting the NFL's "Super Bowl City" theme park has meant displacement, discontent, and expense for San Francisco. In a city with problems, it's a gamble.
Tarin Towers

The Fight To Save Women's Basketball In Brazil From Itself

It wasn't so long ago that Brazil's women's basketball team was one of the best in the world. But, as Rio 2016 approaches, it all appears to be falling apart.
Donna Bowater

The Hunt for the Great Grime Grandad

Here's the truth about the old guy who spat Stormzy bars on the streets of London yesterday. It might not be the truth you want, but it's the truth you're getting.
weird sports

Drones Over Dallas: My Day at the Drone Wars

Drones have earned a pretty bad reputation, but drone enthusiasts want to show the other side of their unmanned aerial hobby. Also some of them want you to stop calling them drones.
Jonny Auping
keep on chopping

"Redneck Geometry," Hot Saws, And The Bottom Line: Matt Cogar's Rise To America's Best Lumberjack

Matt Cogar learned woodsman sports in the hills of West Virginia, and could become one of the world's greats. That is, if he doesn't go broke first.
Kevin Koczwara

The New York Mets, and the Last Meaningless Game

After nearly a decade of failure, the Mets ran away with the National League East and earned themselves some meaningless games in October. These felt different.
W.M. Akers