District Attorney


How Manhattan’s District Attorney Prosecutes Cybercrime

Elizabeth Roper, the office's cybercrime and identity theft bureau chief, explains how one of the country’s most important prosecutors goes after cybercriminals.


Philly's new DA says his predecessors sent an innocent man to prison for life

Larry Krasner alleges police and prosecutors hid convincing evidence leading to a different suspect


Larry Krasner is trying to transform criminal justice in Philadelphia

A wave of reform-minded district attorneys have been elected across the country, but Philadelphia's Larry Krasner might be the most unlikely of them all.


The Philly cop who jailed Meek Mill was on a secret watch list kept by the DA

Cop's name is allegedly on a list of two dozen officers suspected of lying under oath


Good news for stoners — San Francisco is wiping out your misdemeanor convictions for you

California law allows people to apply for dismissals, but in San Francisco, people convicted of misdemeanor marijuana offenses won't have to do a thing to get their records cleared


How Voting Flaws Protect the Manhattan DA Who Didn't Prosecute Harvey Weinstein

Candidates opposing the DA, who also declined to pursue felony fraud charges agains the Trump family, are shining a spotlight on the power of local elections.


The First Black Woman DA in Alabama History Wants to Shake Up the Death Penalty

Lynneice Washington won an historic election this November even as Donald Trump destroyed Hillary Clinton in Alabama. Here's what she has planned.


An NYPD Officer Was Just Indicted for the Shooting Death of Akai Gurley

Peter Liang is just the fourth New York City cop to be indicted for killing someone since 1999.


​How Much History Was Lost in the Williamsburg Storage Facility Fire?

An undetermined amount of court documents were lost in a Brooklyn blaze last Saturday.


New Mexico Cops Are Facing Murder Charges For Shooting a Homeless Man in the Back

The district attorney decided to skip a grand jury and charge two officers with an open count of murder.