Dive Bar


NYC Dive Bar Says It Will Kick Out Anyone Who Uses the Word 'Literally'

This is, like, literally discrimination.
Mayukh Sen
New Orleans

How I Run the Only Non-Christmas Christmas Bar in America

Owning a dive bar is not for everybody. Some people in New Orleans would probably love to get rid of Snake and Jakes Christmas Club Lounge, but I keep it going because there’s nothing else like it.
Dave Clements

The Slow and Painful Death of the Dive Bar

Remember the good times before some yuppie bought and ruined your favorite watering hole by renaming it something along the lines of an “eco friendly neighborhood pub serving IPA's only?" 
Josh Androsky
munchies city guide

These Are the 19 Best Dive Bars in New York

This list contains the (future) greatest nights of your life that you won't remember.
Munchies Staff

Why Detroit-Area Dive Bars Are Serving Some of the Best Food Around

The pop-ups in the bars of Hamtramck—a tiny, dense, and poor immigrant enclave physically surrounded by Detroit—offer real eating at a low price in a city otherwise short on culinary variety and cash.
Tom Perkins
Last Call

This Bartender Chased Enlightenment, But Gave It All Up for His Family's Dive

Sunny Balzano is the kind of enigmatic bartender that dives are made for. Save for a handful of years spent seeking enlightenment in India, this artist-turned-barkeep has spent his entire life in the timeworn building that his family has owned for...
Alex Swerdloff
Los Angeles

BARFLY: Eating Chili Dogs and Drinking Brews at Mal's

Host Braydon Szafranski heads to Mal’s Bar in South LA, smack dab between Los Angeles County Jail and University of Southern California, for chili dogs and chats with regulars.
Braydon Szafranski

My Office Is a Dive Bar in East Nashville

Meet Cock D., the fictional Nashville-based Yelper, written by a real-life chef, whose idea of nirvana is a dirty burger inside a beer joint amidst questionable patrons and a couple of health code violations.
Cock Daniels