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[Premiere] Drift Through an Animated Dollhouse in This Dreamy Music Video

Handmade sets and gravity-defying dancers fill the music video for "Heat Seeker" by SOFTSPOT.


Delightful Short Doc Shows Everything Less-Than-Delightful About Sundance

Fear and loathing is alive in Utah in John Wilson's acerbic 'Escape From Park City.'


What a Lovely Day for a Flamethrowing Ukulele

Thanks to this 'Mad Max'-inspired how-to, you can bring the post-apocalypse to your next bonfire.


'Kung Fury' Is the Ridiculous 80s Cop Movie Parody We've Always Wanted

You might need a lie down after watching David Sandberg's over-the-top 30-minute homage to maverick cop movies.


[Premiere] A Plastic Bag Creature Takes a Surreal Stop-Motion Journey in Dirt Bikes’ New Music Video

"Ocean = Amazing" is a beachside odyssey from animator's animator, Tobias Stretch.


Forget the Apple Watch and Make Your Own Wearable Technology

As coding goes mainstream, Becky Stern is encouraging crafters to make their own wearable tech.


Watch an Animated Tribute to the History of Skateboarding

This is what happens when two advertising dudes focus on making something way more fun.


DIY: How To Make Your Mittens Into “High Five Gloves”

A speaker, a some circuits, and your favorite finger socks are all you need to preserve your fall high fives.


Stop Motion Furniture Design Makes Carpentry Look Easy

Woodworker Frank Howarth documents the making of a lawn chair and a bookshelf—as stunning stop-motion videos.


Quantum Theory Becomes A Playable Physical Object

With his homemade "Interactive Video Art Objects," artist and motion designer Will Reardon aims to bring live-animated artworks into the physical sphere.


Transforming Internet Gold Into IRL Paper Collages

Tumblr artist Daniel Kolitz takes the electricity out of the internet with these paper collages of popular websites.


This Juicy Instructable Will Teach You How To Make Stained (Fruit) Glass

With a little fruit, some art supplies, and this How-To, you'll be making your own Fruit Glass Windows in no time.