Django Unchained


'Black Panther' Could Change the Black Film Narrative

The film that features an almost all-black cast, a black director, and is set in a world that portrays people of color in a superior light is something black people have never seen before.
Noel Ransome

These Actresses Are Sick of Auditioning for the 'Negro Woman' Role

Only one kind of role exists for women of color in the “uncomplicated, guilt-free entertainment” of historical fiction: subordination.
Celeste Yim
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Quentin Tarantino Says He's Only Going to Make Two More Films

The filmmaker said he'd stop at ten films during his surprise appearance at the annual International Jerusalem Film Festival.
Matthew James-Wilson
This Week in Racism

This Week in Racism: Artie Lange vs. the PC Army

The comedian lashed out at the nameless, faceless hoard of politically correct scolds that chastised him for his racially insensitive tweets about a black ESPN host. Were his comments really worth fighting for?
Dave Schilling

The Plantation Is Still Here: An Interview with Artist M. Lamar

We talked about sexuality, racism, history, the policing of black men's bodies.
Emily Colucci
My Favorite Soundtrack

My Favorite Soundtrack: 'Django Unchained'

In between all of the white people being shot, there are some pretty killer tunes.
Sameer Rao

If You Want Live Theater in LA, the Best You Can Hope for Is a Tarantino Musical

His work is so busy applauding other people’s work, that it seems only fitting that a celebration of his pop culture cut-and-paste meanderings would be spooled together for our live theater viewing pleasure in a town that’s constantly talking about how...
Julia Prescott
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Watch This Trailer: How 'Django Unchained' and 'To the Wonder' Sell Themselves

It's multiplex versus art house in the battle of modern auteurs' projected appeal.
Chris O'Coin
New music

Rick Ross - "100 Black Coffins"

Rick Ross is Quentin Tarantino because of logic.