DNA sequencing


DNA Can Help Return Indigenous Remains to Ancestral Sites

“We propose that our approach can be used now and will be used routinely in the future to return remains to their rightful kin.”


Astronaut Kate Rubins Tells Us What It's Like to Live in Space

She just got back from 115 days on the International Space Station.


A Human Body Has Been Found in this Famous 2,100-Year-Old Shipwreck

The story of “Pamphilos,” an ill-fated passenger on a merchant vessel that sank during the first century BCE.


Listen to the Sound of Tomato DNA

Or, how a vintage synth-head inspired a scientist to make music from tomato DNA.


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Plankton

The largest DNA sequencing effort in ocean science was published today in 'Science.'


DNA Alone Can't Tell Us Who Jack the Ripper Was

Even today, DNA at a crime scene doesn't tell you anything more than that someone's DNA is at the crime scene.


DNA Sequencing Is Getting Cheaper and Easier

DNA sequencing is getting cheaper and easier, fast.