Doc Rivers


The Clippers Don't Know Who They Are, and That's Awesome

In what may be nothing more than a bridge year from one star-studded era to the next, Los Angeles can still quietly become one of the NBA's most pleasant surprises.
Michael Pina

Doc Rivers Will Never Stop Being Doc Rivers

Rivers has filled needs he created with moves that could hamstring the team in the short term and the long term.
​Jared Dubin

Reporter Asks About Clock Management, Doc Rivers: "That Is Like the Dumbest Thing I've Ever Heard"

There's a fine line between being a reporter and being a punk-ass backseat coach, and Doc Rivers was happy to draw it last night.
Liam Daniel Pierce

For the Clippers This Postseason, It's Now or Never

With three of their four stars eligible for free agency this summer, this is the Clippers' last, best chance for a run at the title. They are peaking at the right time, but will it be enough?
Michael Pina

Could DeAndre Jordan Be the NBA’s Best Big Man?

It took Jordan nine seasons to make his first All-Star team. Ask just about any other player who’s gone into battle with or against Jordan, though, and they’ll tell you how valuable and effective he really is.
Michael Pina

Glen 'Big Baby' Davis on Doc Rivers: 'He Was Lucky as Hell'

Feuds are breaking out left and right in the NBA, just in time for All-Star break.
Mike Vorkunov

The Clippers' Big Four are a Strength and a Weakness

Will continuing to plug and play junk-pile wings with Paul, Reddick, Griffin, and Jordan be enough to get the Clippers past the Warriors?
​Jared Dubin

With Chris Paul's Thumb Injury, the Clippers Are at a Crossroads

Chris Paul's thumb injury is proof the Clippers are cursed, but what repercussions does it have for the team's playoff hopes this season, and beyond?
Michael Pina
Doc Rivers

Doc Rivers Blows Gasket, Clippers Blow Game

Doc Rivers was none too pleased with a technical foul call, so he got another one called on him and then lost his mind. The Clippers then lost the game.
Patrick Sauer

The Clippers Could Be an Obstacle for the Golden State Warriors

Defeating Golden State will require discipline, talent, (lots of) luck, and the ability to muffle a fireworks display. There's reason to believe the Los Angeles Clippers have what it takes.
Michael Pina
nba playoffs 2016

The Warriors Have Been Lucky with Injuries, and That's Part of What Makes Them So Good

NBA history shows that championship teams are remarkably healthy, which could bode well for the Cleveland Cavaliers in their Finals rematch against Golden State and a possibly ailing Steph Curry.
Todd Whitehead

The Clippers Figured Out Who They Were. Then, Suddenly, They Weren't

Each year, the Clippers fight to exorcise the ghosts of last season's postseason heartbreak. This year, they went out bravely, but things still feel familiar.
Louis Keene