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Does ‘Return of the Jedi’ Actually Suck?

After ‘Solo’ and ‘The Last Jedi’ it’s time to rethink the conclusion of the holy trilogy.
James Jackson
Does It Suck?

'Cloud Atlas' Sucks, but You Should Still Watch It

Somehow, the Wachowskis' 171-minute epic is more interesting in 2018.
Brogan Morris
Does It Suck?

Does 'The Cable Guy' Actually Suck?

Jim Carrey's divisive dark comedy has aged better than you think.
Kate Santos
Does It Suck?

Does the Pilot of 'Entourage' Actually Suck?

The HBO bro-comedy has always been awful, but it's taken on a disturbing new light since.
Jill Gutowitz
Does It Suck?

Does 'Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace' Actually Suck?

It's time we talked about the original Star Wars prequel.
Brogan Morris
Does It Suck?

Does 'Juno' Actually Suck?

For once, the answer may (not) surprise you.
Patrick Lyons
Does It Suck?

Does 'Coneheads' Actually Suck?

Don't laugh—but the forgotten SNL comedy film has actually taken on a new political relevance.
Robyn Bahr
Does It Suck?

Does 'Anaconda' Actually Suck?

We look back on 1997's snake-themed horror film to see if a great cast and enough silliness can save a terrible script.
Kate Robertson
Does It Suck?

Does 'Almost Famous' Actually Suck?

Looking back at Cameron Crowe's rock-journo coming-of-age saga.
Frankie Caracciolo
Does It Suck?

Actually, 'Speed' Isn't as Good as You Remember

A groundbreaking musical score, an ever-twisting plot, and all the tropes of a classic 1990s action flick isn't enough to save it.
Kate Santos
Does It Suck?

'Fatal Instinct' Is Still a Funny Swipe at Erotic Thrillers' Dumb Sexiness

Carl Reiner's 1993 parody still holds up, even when erotic thrillers don't.
Abbey Bender

'Across the Universe' Is Still a Useless, Nostalgic Mess

Julie Taymor's Beatles-centric jukebox musical movie was considered a creative flop—and it still is.
Patrick Lyons