Dog meat


South Korean Court Rules Killing Dogs for Meat Illegal

A precedent that could lead to the outright ban nationwide.
Ian Burke

A Guide to North Korean Food from a Man Who's Been Eating It for 14 Years

Having visited North Korea nearly 150 times, Simon Cockerell is well-versed in the cuisine of the hermit kingdom. His advice: try the sushi but avoid the clams cooked in gasoline.
Jamie Fullerton
animal cruelty

Dog Meat Is Being Sold to Unwitting Tourists in Bali

According to a recent report, vendors are brutally slaughtering dogs and then telling foreigners that the meat is chicken.
Nick Rose
Dog meat

Reports Emerge that Dog Meat Will Finally Be Banned at Chinese Food Festival

The Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat Festival has only been around since 2010, but has created a great deal of controversy in recent years.
Nick Rose
animal rights

Taiwan Becomes First Country in Asia to Ban Eating Dogs and Cats

Those who consume these animals or sell them for meat could now face serious jail time.
Nick Rose
South Korea

South Korea moves to close down biggest dog meat market in run-up to the Olympics

Rachel Premack

South Korea’s Most Notorious Dog Meat Market Is Shutting Down

The country’s largest dog meat market is shutting down in response to aggressive activism opposing the market’s highly controversial animal welfare practices.
Gillie Houston
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In Malaysia, Hot Dogs Can No Longer Be Called ‘Hot Dogs’

What will hot dogs be called now in Malaysia?
Nick Rose

North Korea Says Dog Meat Is the Next Superfood

North Korea's state-run news outlets are making a point of running multiple stories extolling the health benefits that supposedly come along with consuming dog meat.
Alex Swerdloff

China’s Dog Meat Festival Will Go On Despite Widespread Outrage

As the Yulin dog meat festival approaches, international and domestic pressure to stop the controversial event escalates.
Charley Lanyon
Dog meat

Eating with the Dog Thieves of Cambodia

Driven by poverty and a belief that dog meat possesses medicinal properties, desperate men in Phnom Penh resort to stealing people's pets to make a quick but horrific buck.
Axel Kronholm

Inside a Cambodian Restaurant Specializing in Dog Meat

Restaurant 999 specializes in three canine classics: Coconut dog curry, dog meat sour soup with red ants, and flame-grilled dog.
Matt Blomberg and Sek Odom