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Scientists Just Broke the Technical Barrier to Cloning Primates, Including Humans

Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences used the same cloning method used to create Dolly the sheep to clone two long-tailed macaques for the first time.
Daniel Oberhaus

Twenty Years After Dolly the Sheep, We're No Closer to Cloning Humans

The first cloned mammal created a hysteria about the future of cloning. Two decades later, how much has changed?
Daniel Oberhaus

Dolly the Sheep Clones Are Ageing Just Fine

20 years after Dolly, researchers say cloned sheep are ageing healthily.
Alex Pearlman
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The European Union Just Banned the Cloning of Farm Animals

Scottish-born Dolly the Sheep may have the honor of being the first cloned animal, but Scotland and the rest of the European Union nations have just passed a measure that bans the cloning of farm animals in the future.
Alex Swerdloff

Happy Birthday to Dolly the Sheep, the First Cloned Adult Mammal

Also: the birth of contemporary biotech paranoia.
Michael Byrne
Goodbye Meatbags

Germline engineering could lead to designer babies and superstrength

Using CRISPR-Cas9 to edit genes is controversial but exciting
Steph Yin

We Need to Re-Evaluate Our Stigma Towards Genetically Modified Meat

To many of us, GM meat is Frankenstein food. But at some point, when the world runs out of produce, we might depend on it. We spoke to scientists and academics from Edinburgh university—birthplace of Dolly the sheep—who will discuss our GM future at...
Josh Barrie
Motherboard Blog

Cloned Horses Are Taking Over the Track

A US court has ruled the American Quarter Horse Association must accept cloned horses' applications to join their exclusive club.
Rebekah Marcarelli
Motherboard Blog

Scientists Have Perfected Mouse Re-Cloning to the 25th Generation

Researchers in Japan successfully cloned 581 healthy mice from the same furry source. Cue the Clone War fantasies.
Austin Considine