Trump’s Cybersecurity Advisor Rudy Giuliani Thinks His Twitter Was Hacked Because Someone Took Advantage of His Typo

A missed space created a hyperlink in Giuliani’s tweet about the G-20 summit, which someone quickly took advantage of.


Evidence Suggests the GOP Bought at Least 17 Anti-James Comey Domains

The Republican party has apparently created a series of domains to discredit and attack former FBI director James Comey. Meanwhile, Democratic party sympathizers appear to have created similar domains to counter the Republicans’ anti-Comey campaign.


The Owner of Is Leasing the Domain to Fund His Startup

The domain's owner says he can make an impact with an "ethical shopping companion."


Google Wins Legal Battle Against 'Spammer' Over the Letter 'G'

Vitaly Popov, who registered a fake domain last year, was unlikely to ever win.


Authorities Just Shut Down One of the World’s Largest Malware Networks

More than 800,000 domains were seized, sinkholed , or blocked in 'Operation Avalanche', an effort by law enforcement authorities and researchers in 30 countries.


The Story of, the Site Used to Shut Down the LA School District

"The largest email related cock joke on the internet."


‘Our Own Little Kingdom’: Dot-Brands Are Staking a Claim on Their Bit of the Web

Two years since the first new top-level domains, brands are starting to make the switch from dot-com.


How an Obsessed Billionaire Finally Bought After Seven Years

Rob Halliday-Stein bought the domain for £600K to build his bullion brand.


An Obscure American Company Has Owned for 20 Years

And one of its founders says they've been approached "probably on a daily basis" to sell.


This .Onion Farmer Is Squatting on 40 Million Dark Web Domains

One entrepreneurial user is creating 'readable' Tor hidden service domains.