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Cops Uncover Disturbing Story Behind Woman's Bizarre Doorbell Video

The mysterious video captured the woman in what appears to be wrist restraints ringing doorbells in her neighborhood in the middle of the night.
Drew Schwartz

Study Says Men Who Take Psychedelics Are Less Likely to Be Violent Partners

Researchers found men who tripped were half as likely to hurt a significant other, and “emotional regulation” may play a role.
Sarah Berman
domestic violence

After My Boyfriend Murdered Our Son, I Found Healing at the Gun Range

He shot me, too, with a 9mm Glock. Now that's the gun I keep at home.
Shannon Paolini as told to Max Siegelbaum

The Scary Loophole That Lets Stalkers Have Guns

Stalking is extremely common in America. Another thing that's super common? Gun ownership.
Kerry Shaw
The Restless Youth Issue

The Woman Schooling Kids on the Danger of Stalking and Sexual Harassment

Julie Lalonde got her footing in feminist activism while pursuing Canadian studies and women's studies at Carleton University.
Manisha Krishnan
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Indiana University Is Banning Athletes with a Criminal History of Sexual or Domestic Assault

The school's new policy will apply to prospective freshmen, current students, or transfer applicants who have been convicted of or plead guilty to a felony sexual assault charge.
Drew Schwartz
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A Sensitive Animated Music Video Tells Women in Abusive Relationships They’re Not Alone

An animated visualization of an abusive relationship employs fade-outs and shadowed color to communicate despair.
Diana Shi
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Andrew Puzder Just Withdrew His Nomination as Trump's Labor Secretary

After Senate Republicans warned that he likely wouldn't get the number of votes needed to be confirmed.
Lauren Messman

Hairstylists in Illinois Now Have to Get Trained in Domestic Violence Prevention

Not all of them think it's a good idea.
Sean Neumann
Life Inside

What Happens When a Former Domestic-Abuse Prosecutor Realizes Her Relative is Being Abused?

“My usual insights didn’t seem to apply. I didn’t know how to help her.”
Deanna Paul

Old and Alone: The Epidemic of Elder Abuse in America

Elder abuse is a widespread problem, but only one in 23 cases are reported, according to the Department of Justice.
Jamie Loftus
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Trump's Campaign CEO Steve Bannon Was Once Charged with Domestic Abuse

Bannon's former wife accused him of grabbing her around "the throat and arm" during a fight in 1996.
VICE Staff