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JAY-Z Talks #MeToo, Meek Mill, and Donald Trump on The Van Jones Show

He talked about Trump's "shithole" remarks, America's criminal justice system, and the necessity of the #MeToo movement.
Alex Robert Ross
weak in review

There Was Nothing Quite Like Watching Elton Brand Work: David Roth's Weak In Review

It wasn't just the brilliant work that Elton Brand did in a series of mostly hopeless situations that made him great. It was how he did that work.
David Roth
Growing Up

The NBA Is Still Wrestling With Rajon Rondo's Verbal Assault On Bill Kennedy

Rajon Rondo's decision to direct ugly slurs at gay NBA ref Bill Kennedy was his alone. But the aftermath has forced the NBA to think about what it wants to be.
Howard Megdal

Los Angeles Sucked and Ruled in 2014

Our police aren't always as racist as we thought, wealthy Westsiders are responsible for our whooping cough epidemic, and there are apparently ways to get around town besides driving. Oh, and the Lakers still suck.

2014 Was a Rough Year for Minorities

This was a rough year for minorities. If you're not getting shot at, you're probably being called a name or generally harassed for something you have no control over.
Dave Schilling

Derrick Rose and the New Dawn of Athlete Activism

A rising tide of public activism has put to rest the notion that modern athletes can't, or won't, make their voices heard on social issues.
Jack Ross
nba offseason

NBA Owners Need to Shut Up

Glen Taylor tried to kick Kevin Love on his way out of town and fell on his ass. Metaphorically.
Colin McGowan
The week in GIFS

DMX Screamed Like an Insane Person While Riding a Roller Coaster

Video footage of DMX losing his fucking mind on a roller coaster is all over the internet this week. He screams profanities while riding the Sling Shot in Orlando, Florida, then pretends like he was never scared at all. Nice try, dude.
Dave Schilling

Top Ten Occurrences of the Sporting Summer, In Light of Media I Have Recently Consumed

It's a long summer, and not everything is sports.
Chris Collision
rich people

The Ugly Fall of Donald Sterling

The Clippers' owner lost a court battle, but the bad feelings he stirred up linger in the air.
Harry Cheadle
This Week in Racism

This Week in Racism - Stop Using Black People as Props for Viral Videos

Hood Prank videos are some of the most popular pieces of content on the internet. White people go to the ghetto and play cruel tricks on unsuspecting black people, such as stealing their phones, staging fake murders, and forcing them to watch magic.
Dave Schilling

Dogfart Released a Donald Sterling Cuckold Porn Parody

“Donald Gets His Balls Clipped” sounds like a predictable cuckold porn parody, but it's also an accidental examination of white American males' fears of black dicks.
Ezra Marcus