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Game of the Year 2018

Our Favorite Games of 2018: 'Life Is Strange 2'

Sean and Daniel aren't Max and Chloe, but it doesn't matter; once again, Life Is Strange found a way to make us care about its characters.
Patrick Klepek

'Vampyr' is a Deeply Flawed Game, But That's Exactly Why It's So Memorable

The new game from the developers of ‘Life Is Strange’ writes checks for ambitions it can’t cash, but it’s worth the ride.
Patrick Klepek

The Short But Chilling 'Captain Spirit' Weaponizes Empathy Against You

The developers behind 'Life Is Strange' manage to tell a gripping but upsetting story about a father and son in a toxic relationship.
Patrick Klepek

When a Trailer Pitches Something Very Different From the Game

On the podcast, we talk about how games like 'We Happy Few' seemed to promise games pretty different from what was actually inside.
Patrick Klepek
Life Is Strange

'Life Is Strange: Before the Storm' Is Emotional And Lovingly Familiar

Did 'Life Is Strange' really need a prequel? Probably not, but this first episode makes a good case for it.
Patrick Klepek
Life Is Strange

'How Many Hellas?' And Other Vital 'Life Is Strange' Questions, Answered

Don't worry, we asked if you'll be watering another plant in the new series, too.
Patrick Klepek
Guide To Games

'Remember Me' Is Where the 'Life Is Strange' Devs First Tested Time Travel

Dontnod Entertainment was remixing the recent past well before Max’s Arcadia Bay adventure.
Mike Diver

The New Game from 'Life Is Strange' Developers Is an Ode to the Classic Vampire

London, 1918. The Great War has shaken the city's residents. An outbreak of flu is becoming a pandemic. And then there's the small matter of vampires in the East End.
Mike Diver